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We take an aggressive approach to business and general civil litigation, such as breach- or enforcement -of contracts, and collections, in both state and federal court.  When civil (non criminal) disputes arise between individuals,  businesses, partnerships or corporations, Mr. Schmidt is proactive and works closely with clients to achieve the best outcome possible.  If dispute resolution is not an option, we work hard to  think around corners and  to bring a case to trial as quickly as possible, rather than spend time and money on wasteful procedures.  Mr. Schmidt has significant experience in court and excels in zealous advocacy for his clients. 



Police officers are trusted by the public to uphold the law and protect the citizens of the United States. However, in rare instances, police officers may use too much force resulting in serious injuries or even death.  A police organization or an officer may be held liable through actions of police brutality such as inappropriate use of a taser gun, wrongful police shootings, false arrests, or other instances of negligence. For 20 years, Mr.  Schmidt has investigated and won these cases where a catastrophic injury or death is caused by police officers. His legal team has a long record of holding officers accountable for excessive force or outright police brutality. 

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Accidents are unfortunately a common fact of life, even when people are trying to be careful. Personal injury lawsuits are filed in court when someone has been injured, maimed, or wrongfully killed through the fault or negligence of another person or company.  Bodily injury and resulting monetary loss can be catastrophic to a family.  Attorney William Schmidt understands this, and has represented countless clients in personal injury cases such as auto accidents and premises liability that have resulted in plaintiffs receiving substantial compensation for their injuries. 

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Whistleblowers undergo great risks, which is why they need aggressive and skilled lawyers who can ensure that their careers are protected. This includes ensuring that they are fully eligible to receive all benefits in which they are entitled to under the law. The stakes are high during these cases, and the process itself can be grueling. This is why experienced whistleblower lawyers like Mr. Schmidt understand that each case is unique. We never forget that stepping forward to do what is right can be very daunting which is why we are constantly working not just for our  client, but for his or her family.

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After a defendant is convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison, they have the opportunity to appeal based on evidence that was not brought to knowledge during a trial or was not raised properly. This is called a habeas corpus hearing. During these appeals, the hearing will center around a mistake made by the attorney, commonly known as IAC (ineffective assistance of counsel), or a mistake that the court made in admitting or excluding evidence. Our law office is proud to serve clients in criminal appeals so they can get the justice they deserve. These cases often change a person's life or result in his or her freedom. 

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